If you or anyone you know are interested in becoming a member of “The Remedy,”
please block and copy the below Musician Questionnaire and email your responses to jamespnewsome@yahoo.com. 


Full name:

Email address:

Cell #:

What city do you live in?

Do you have reliable transportation?

Are you presently employed full time?

Do you need to travel for work?

How many weekends a year do you guess you wouldn’t be available?

We are in our 50’s, what decade of life are you in (optional)?

What is your favorite genre to play?

Please rate yourself at the following on a scale of 1-10:

Bass playing skill level?           1-10

Singing Lead Vocals?              1-10

Singing Harmony Vocals         1-10

Stage Presence                       1-10

Please rate the importance of the money aspect of playing?

Would others consider you easy to get along with?

What other instruments do you play?

What performing bands have you played in on a full-time basis in the past 5 years?
How many months were you in each band?

Why did you leave?

What band are you presently playing in/performing in?

What bands have you filled in for in the last 5 years?

Are you presently a fill in player for any bands?

Would that conflict with The Remedy’s schedule?

How many shows would you prefer to play a month?

How many rehearsals could you commit to a month?

Do you have any connections to book gigs at bars or fests?

How many personal fans of yours come to your shows on average?

How many hours do you practice on your own a week?

Is coming to rehearsal prepared a priority?

How important to you is rehearsing with the entire band?

Do you prefer to cover your parts exact or to create your version of a song?

Please go to our website and view our song list.

How many of these songs would you be able to play on stage tonight?

How many in 2 weeks?

Please attach a video clip or YouTube link of you playing a live performance or insert a link here:

If not available, please send a photo or FB link.

Please write a short bio about yourself.


Here is a link to our website. Please feel free to view some video clips of past performances.




Looking forward to your reply.


Our primary purpose for playing is the love of the music, entertaining the crowd and having fun with great band mates!”

— JN